blood analyzer


Blood Analyzer

The three main points in this project were to focus on the technical package, usability, and brand appearance. After finding the most suitable technical package in collaboration with medical analyzer specialists, various mock-ups have been created. Upon those from factors the display angle, situation for the syringe intake and other important decisions about the interaction with the machine were made. To differentiate the brand from competitors a unique surface was applied to the sides of the product, this not only separate the digital from the analog input but is also applicable to upcoming products of the brand. 

2nd year bachelorsingle project1 monthsponsored by EXIAS (medical start-up)

background shot.jpg

Creating brand identity for a medical start-up.


Status Quo

Current analyzer look outdate. Many surfaces create a distracting aesthetic. There is an opportunity to play with less surfaces that can stand out and create a product with recall value. 

current market.png

Creating recall value. 

The core idea of this project is to reduce surfaces and unify them into less, bigger ones. Through carefully angled stripes strong recall value has been created


One clean surface wrapping from side to side.